Natural Enlargement Gel

Expands and multiplies sinusoidal spaces within the corpora cavernosa by encouraging penile spongy tissue growth.

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Created by Surgeons

Dr. Carr, Urologist

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Dr. Blugaro,

Urologist Board Certified

Urologic Surgeon

SurgeonGel provokes the development of fibrous tissue, which increases penis size, stiffness and firmness. 

SurgeonGeldoes not create the firmness nor increase size itself. Your body does that in its reactive response.

SurgeonGel has the power of endowing tissue with vital capacity, to such an extent as to enable the primary elements of tissue to so arrange and maintain their necleoli as to support a continuous reproduction of like tissue.

Fibrous tissue is comprised of bundles of predominantly inelastic, typical, collagenous yellow or white fibers with rows of common connective tissue cells between them (the foundation of the various parts of the penis).

SurgeonGel is totally unrelated to and has no impact on your natural ability to have an erection as a result of blood flow. They are independent but parallel and synergistic.

Encourages Natural Growth


is a sterile, concentrated (20X) solution intended to culture human microvascular endothelial cells to encourage growth and expansion of sinusoidal spaces within the corpora cavernosa.

Each 3 ounce bottle of SurgeonGel contains all of the growth factors, hormones, and tissue extracts necessary for the culture of human microvascular endothelial cells and division and multiplication of sinusoidal spaces within the penis.

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SurgeonGel is an ointment gel that is applied during an erection. The “patient” can “massage” in the gel either while masturbating or during a temporary erect state. The ointment gel can then easily be washed off using warm water.

SurgeonGel is an Endothelial cell (ECGS) / spongy tissue growth enhancer that is specifically used to culture a variety of cells as it encourages the growth and multiplication of sinusoidal spaces within the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

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Encourages Growth - Safe, Normal, Natural

The Microvascular Endothelial Cell Growth Kit-BBE contains components that when added to Vascular Cell Basal Medium (ATCC PCS-100-030) create a complete cell culture environment for microvascular endothelial cells isolated from normal human tissues.

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Surgeon  Enlargement  Gel

Encourages Natural Development & Expansion of Tissue

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